Somatheeram :The Resort with Ayurvedic excellence


 Ayurveda is a rishi medicinal science. It has a ripe tradition, perhaps from the primitive era. As the  sub vedic (upa veda) formation of “Sama veda”, Ayurveda the science of longevity is  still on the successful journey over curing and serving. The Indian cultural heritage and  Ayurveda are same in the soul. The origin of Ayurveda assumes as thousands of years  ancestry. In this juncture of modern science and advanced  technological achievement, Ayurveda plays the key role with a pioneer “Somatheeram Resort”. Ayurveda is the breath and pulse of Somatheeram. In the field of Kerala Ayurvedic health care, the Somatheeram Resort and their curing activities have been made a remarkable position. With a tradition over two decades, Somatheeram unveils the bright facet of reliable Ayurvedic remedies. The authentic Ayurveda is the dexterous theme of Somatheeram. The traditional Ayurvedic therapy and Yoga are subjected for the benefit to every aspirant. Infact, the Kerala Ayurvedic health care confronts an excellent remedial solution through Somatheeram Ayurvedic resort. The blissfully peaceful environment of “Somatheeram Resort” beckons you. It stands in a platform of excellent remedial performance and it’s an ideal place to imitate for quality to all Ayurvedic centres in Kerala. The ayurvedic centre in Kerala The globally acclaimed “Somatheeram” has outset as the first  Ayurvedic Resort among the world. Perhaps, Somatheeram Ayurvedic Resort and their service in all aspect’ll create much impact to all the Ayurvedic centres in Kerala.  Somatheeram  Resort exists as one of the best tourism spot in Kerala and it’s  serene and near by the sea in the southern region of India. Somatheeram Resort is surrounded with natural enchants. It has an abundance of 15 acres of land, where lush greenery wraps and located at Chowara beach on a hillock with a thin distance (9 km) south of renowned Kovalam Beach, Trivandrum Kerala. Somatheeram  deserves the inroad  labeling” the Ayurveda People”, that the unique implies of the Ayurvedic treatment in a traditional way and the authenticity are the attained factors. Now the Kerala Ayurvedic healthcare  sector and Somatheeram Ayurvedic resort, the both have contributes a level best solving for health improve and curing ailments. The Aurvedic centres in Kerala have to observe Somatheeram Resort and their activities, hence they’ll get the quality measures that to absorb and implement.

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    Ayurveda therapies when applied with skill and care work on both the physical and psychological levels to invigorate, relax and ease pain or tension from stiff aching muscles, boost circulation and alleviate mental stress, soothing the soul and fostering balance and serenity.